Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fifteen Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,

Another month older and somehow you manage to be more lovable, funny, spunky, and precocious each day. You continue to change and learn, and these are our favorite things about you at the moment:
  • you love to "sing" along with Veggietales and any time Elmo says "are you ready?" in that freakishly annoying voice that only a child could love, you squeal along with him, grinning wildly.
  • When you are REALLY delighted about something, your smile includes a little pink tongue dancing from side to side. You're almost like a happy dog the way you use your tongue these days.
  • You climb on everything - you can get on and off couches, beds, and most other furniture by yourself. You have even started climbing the knobs on the dressers to see what's on top.
  • You have this weird paper fetish. You don't put most things in your mouth anymore, but anything that's paper, Styrofoam, or cardboard, you'll tear it to pieces with your teeth, play with it in your mouth for undetermined amounts of time, and then leave mini spit balls lying all over the place.
  • You are on your fourth night of going to bed with no bottle. You only cried for two minutes on the first night. Congratulations, big boy!
  • Brushing your teeth is like fitting a bit in a horse's mouth. You buck, turn your head back and forth, clamp your mouth shut, clamp the toothbrush in your jaw so I can't move it, and squirm to run away any time I let down my guard for even a split second.
  • Instead of the two blankets that you still insist on carrying around, you now have this little square of purple silk that came with a stuffed dog that you have to carry around as well. Seriously kid, THREE blankies? No one does that.
  • After we saw how much you liked putting the ball in the hoop on a regular basketball court, your dad went out and got you a little tikes basketball hoop just your size. You are extremely proud of yourself when you dunk not only the plastic basketball, but everything else that will fit through the hoop and net.
  • Your current favorite foods include chocolate milk, pasta, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, yogurt, french fries, and tater tots. Don't we just feed you the best, most healthy food?
  • You still run everywhere you go, but you no longer run in silence. You always make a constant noise so that you can hear your voice vibrate when your feet pound the floor.
  • You are still great at fishing with your little magnetic set, and you become better every day at stacking, lining things up, and building things with your blocks and puzzles.
Every day with you is magic. You make us laugh, you make us proud, you make us watch in wonder as you develop into the smartest most wonderful little creature. We couldn't be more grateful that fifteen months ago today you came to live in our home.

We love you!

Mama and Dada