Monday, February 16, 2009

Special Vistors

Late last night Calvin's grandparents arrived from Pennsylvania for a visit. We are so thrilled to have them here, and Calvin can't stop running around and showing off and smiling and hugging them every chance he gets. We had a busy day. The morning was filled with this:

Grandpap, Grandma, Andy, and Calvin all went to the toy store "just to look around", and they came home with this adorable train set. Calvin can't get enough of it. He loves pushing the cars around and around the tracks, making noises as he goes. Even if he leaves the room for a moment, he keeps running back to where the train is and has spent hours playing with it already.

Also, today was Grandpap's birthday, so we planned a surprise party for him. It was a billiards theme because he used to compete semi-professionally in pool and is the best player I've ever seen. We had a fun dinner, and then had a darts and Wii pool tournament. The winners were Darts - Dick, and Pool - Mariah. I wish I had gotten pictures of the winners, but at least you can see one of their totally awesome trophies. It was a fun night and I'm glad we were able to celebrate his birthday together.