Friday, February 13, 2009

New Word

Since weaning Calvin from a bedtime bottle, we've started a routine where after we bathe him, we get his blankets and a sippy cup of warm milk, turn all the lights off, and all of us pile onto our bed to watch a couple of minutes of something so that the boy can wind down before brushing his teeth and going to bed. Tonight we were watching a Baby Einstein episode and every time a duck came on, Calvin would yell "duck!" It was adorable how proud he was of himself.

He's kind of a random kid. I thought kids would say bottle or milk or relevant words, but Calvin still stands by his "apple", "go", and "duck". Also, he still says "gob'm"all the time, which we've decided is him saying his own name. We always call him or say Calvin when we're talking to him, and we think that's what he's trying to say as well.