Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Outdoor Lover's Paradise

Tonight Curtis and Mariah showed us this ginormous sportsman's place with the usual camping, fishing, hunting, and sporting gear. I'll be honest, someone could give me $10,000 in a place like this, and I wouldn't have a clue how to spend it. Maybe I'd get a kayak or some new running shoes. Or a solar powered camp stove because I know Andy wants one. But really, nothing about these places really gets my heart pitter pattering with excitement.

This place, however, also had a restaurant (granted they did serve things like "wild game sandwiches"), aquarium (local fish like trout), a stuffed animal museum (somewhat morbid), feeding pond, and a really cool atmosphere. The boys loved it. I happened to have our little crappy camera in my pocket, so I got some shots of a fun evening hanging with the honkies (meaning the hunters, not my sister and bro-in-law).

Auntie Riah and Calvin feeding the fish.

C in a Davey Crockett 'coon skin cap.

This was actually pretty entertaining. They would drop the food in, and then there was a feeding frenzy, with fish swarming and attacking the little pellets. Calvin loved it. He hung onto his dad's ears as handles, and jumped with excitement every time a fish swam near him.

Pictures of the fun bunch in front of the indoor mountain. There was a stream running around the base of the mountain where Riah and the boy fed the fish, and the mountain goats were climbing all the way to the top of the mountain that spanned two stories.

Fairly fancy for a camping store, eh?