Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Mixed Bag

I kept telling the boy to smile for the camera, and he would give me these big fake smiles. Even though this one was blurry, it was my favorite.

My favorite parts of today:
  • Calvin has never shown any interest in identifying animals, body parts, colors, etc. even when we've tried to teach him. He makes the animal noises when we point them out, but that's it. But today we sat down with him and a book of animals, and Andy would say, "where's the owl?... the cat?... the duck?" etc. He pointed to the correct animal every time. We were amazed because it seemed like it was out of nowhere, and he knew them all.
  • For lunch I was eating a sandwich and breaking off pieces to share with the boy. All of a sudden he wanted to get down, so I pulled him out of his highchair. He walked right over to my place at the table, grabbed the rest of my sandwich and walked down the hall towards the bedrooms. After a couple of minutes of mourning the loss of my lunch, I followed to see what he was up to. He had climbed onto my bed, was propped up on our pillows, and was watching tv as he took small bites of the big sandwich. He isn't usually a big eater, but he ate the whole thing.
  • Tonight Calvin was playing with some cardboard eggs I had used to decorate for Easter. Andy grabbed a few of them and started to juggle. Calvin threw back his head and laughed and shrieked harder than I've ever heard him before. He thought it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.
  • Around noon when we put the boy down for his nap, it was pouring rain. The huge drops were pelting the roof and windows, creating that magical sound that's perfect for either reading a book or sleeping. So Andy and I took advantage of Calvin's silence, curled up together in our cozy bed and took a long nap. It was wonderful.
My least favorite parts of today:
  • At around 3pm the rain turned to snow. Dear Mother Nature, it is almost May. Can we please be done with this already? Sincerely, All of us.
  • At 6am Andy went with my brother-in-law and some of his friends to blow up stuff with explosives. I was freaked out the whole time that he was going to die. Normally intelligent men do really stupid things when there are fire, guns, or explosives involved. I'm glad they all made it out in one piece. Apparently the highlight was shooting an office chair 30ft into the air.
  • Tonight I felt like having a snack. I had a hostess cupcake and a glass of milk. Andy sat next to me and ate granola in yogurt. There's a lot of guilt involved in being married to a health conscious man.