Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Moth

Tonight Andy and I were outside doing yard work while the boy was playing. He found this huge moth that couldn't fly but had enough life left in him that he was twitching violently. Calvin thought the movement was interesting, so he picked the moth up by one of its wings and held onto it for about 45 minutes as he ran around and played. I felt bad for the poor thing, but the boy was actually really gentle with it, so I didn't take it away. At one point he started screaming so I ran to see what was the matter. He had been trying to climb the slide with his little buddy in his hands and couldn't do both, so he had dropped the moth. I gave it back to him and he sat at the top of the slide just watching it twitch.
Finally after a while I saw him off playing with something else, so I went looking for the moth. I found him in the grass (still twitching) where Calvin had discarded him like one of the toys he plays with and then loses interest in.
In this picture we're trying to make the boy pose with his friend, but he just threw him to the ground. He had enjoyed him for quite a while, but when he was done, he was done. We sent the boy away to play with some trucks and then Andy performed a mercy killing. The End.