Monday, April 6, 2009

Seventeen Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,

You're just about at another huge milestone, but this month has probably been the month where I've seen the most changes in your personality and capabilities. You seem more like an independent little boy every day. Here are some noteworthy details from this month:

If you are hungry, you go open the doors of the pantry. If you are thirsty or want cheese, you go open the doors of the fridge. Both sets of doors are very heavy, so I don't know how you get them open. I also don't know why you feel the need to open BOTH doors every time.

If you want something, you pull us there. You grab both of my hands or your dads and walk backwards, dragging us. It's like if you only grab one hand, you're not sure we'll follow you to wherever you want to go.

You are obsessed with the toilets. I could write dozens of disgusting stories, but I won't. We currently stack a pile of miscellaneous bathroom paraphernalia on top of the closed toilet seat so that if you try to get in, you inevitably drop something and we hear you. When we find you, your face looks guilty and shocked. You KNOW you're not supposed to do it, but you try it all day anyway.

You can open all of the doors in the house (see previous bathroom issue). We have to keep all outside doors locked at all times or you'll just let yourself quietly outside and start roaming.

You can eat with a spoon. It's not always pretty, but you do a fantastic job of feeding yourself.

You talk in complete sentences most of the day. We can't understand most of the words in those sentences, but you are a very verbal little boy and I love that.

You love wrestling. You'll jump on me or your dad and tickle and bite us. I think you get the biting from watching Simba wrestle in Lion King and because I chew on your thighs and tummy to make you laugh. The problem is, your biting HURTS! You laugh a lot as you roll around and "get us" though, so it makes it all worth while.

You've gotten a lot better at socializing. You will now play with other kids around you without just bullying them into giving you what they have. The other night we played with your cousins and at 10:00pm (you're usually beside yourself if you're not in your bath by 7:30pm), I had to finally drag you away from running around and around the house with them like a pack of wild animals. I love seeing you interact with other people. You still hate any baby/child that is being held by me or your dad.

Between 7:30 and 8:00 when you decide you're ready for bed, you'll open the door and let yourself into the bathroom. You'll throw your bath toys into the tub, just waiting for us to come turn on the water for your bath.

You know airplanes by sight and sound. If you are inside when you hear one overhead, you'll run to the windows and point. If we're outside, you'll stop what you're doing and point at the "uh-oh-plane" until it's out of sight.

You could spend all day in the yard. You love to push the swing on your own, even if it comes back and hits you, you'll push it hard and then duck while it comes back before pushing it again. You can now slide on your own and most of the time land on your feet at the bottom. You are VERY proud of yourself every time you do it. You can also climb ladders, stairs, and any furniture. We'll go into your playroom and find you standing on top of your school bus, just enjoying the view from the top.

You don't watch Baby Einstein anymore, you now enjoy more complex plots. Your favorites are Make Way for Noddy and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I even heard you laughing out loud the other day and went in to see that it was this strange British dog named Kipper. He makes you laugh like no other show. You don't watch a lot of tv, but you definitely have your favorites.

You love sorting shapes and puzzles. You are recognizing shapes correctly and putting them in their correct holes. You have always enjoyed puzzles when we helped you, but you are now recognizing that certain pieces go in certain places and may have to be turned a certain way to fit. We no longer have the frustrated screeches as you try to jam a chicken shape into a cow.

You are smart, adorable, complex, cuddly, and wonderful. Every day is a new challenge and we love it! We are so grateful that 17 months ago today you came to live in our home.


Momma and Dada