Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

The Monday before Thanksgiving Calvin had a temperature of 104. We gave him Motrin to take the temperature down, but he had a rough night. Tuesday morning we called and got him into see the doctor. They tested him for strep and H1N1. They diagnosed him with Swine Flu and we started a week of Tamiflu and quarantine. He had a rough week.

Thursday we stayed home while my family celebrated Thanksgiving about five miles away. It was depressing. Late afternoon my mom brought us a delicious dinner of turkey and the works, and my two brothers and my brother-in-law came over and helped Andy put up Christmas lights. It was the best part of the week.

By Saturday he was done with the Tamiflu and was supposed to be done with symptoms. Sunday morning his temperature was 104.7. We took him back in and they said he had sores all over his throat, and it was probably another virus on top of the H1N1. They sent us home.

Monday morning I had a dr's appointment and they said I was ready to go, and would I just like them to induce me that day or the next? We decided on Wednesday. That afternoon the pediatrician's office called and said that Calvin did in fact have strep throat. They called in a prescription for him and we got him started right away.

Today Andy and I went in to be tested for strep since we'll be having a baby tomorrow and don't want to take any chances. They started us on antibiotics and said that after 24 hours on them, we're no longer contagious. Also, they said kids under 1 year old can't get strep throat. I need to do some research on that one.

Anyway, it's been a fairly miserable week. Calvin has been a trooper, but has been unbelievably sick. It has been so sad to watch. Today, thankfully, he seems to have perked up a lot and his fever has finally broken.

Tomorrow morning we go in to have a baby at 6am. I'm starting to panic about everything that can go wrong. Hopefully all will go well, and next time I post it will be about soft squishy cheeks and perfect pink toes.


Smith Clan said...

Ooooh. Baby today! I'm so excited yet so sad that you have had sickness in your house all week. I hope Calvin is feeling better in time for his sister to come home. Can't wait until you post pics.

Renee' said...

Good luck you guys. Poor little Calvin. I hope he's doing better. I can't imagine all of that going on for you guys and you're sick little man. That's just terrible. I'm glad you were able to get a diagnosis on the strep before that got too much worse and that you're covered on antibiotics. I would've worried about the idea of infecting the baby too. I can't wait to see pics of your new little angel. Again, good luck to everyone.


MaryRuth said...

you've had a bad poopy horrible week!! Sorry its been so rough!

Can't wait to snuggle with cute pink squishy cheeks!

Love ya!