Wednesday, March 3, 2010

9 Fingers

This morning Calvin came up to me and held up both of his hands saying "Two hands. Ten fingers." After I told him how smart he was, he proceeded to count all of his fingers. At the end he had missed somewhere and counted only nine fingers. At first he looked confused, and then shocked, and then he started to freak out. He looked back and forth between me and his fingers saying, "oh no! nine fingers!" He looked so panicked that it was hilarious. We recounted more slowly and the next time around he got to ten. He was very relieved that he had all of his fingers after all.

Later in the day we were playing a game called "snowball" that he made up. I wiggle my fingers up high and say "it's snowing" and then I turn into a big snowball and fall down on him and smash him. He laughs hysterically every time. In the middle of the game Autumn started to cry so I left him to go get her. I walked exactly two steps before he dramatically threw up his hand and yelled, "Stop! Don't touch that baby!" He's such a diva.

After naps we went over to his cousins' house to see their new baby chicks. We stayed for dinner and had a fun time playing in their bouncing room and running around outside. Calvin loved it and was sad to come home. It was late when we got back so I threw him straight into the bathtub where he spent the whole time yelling "Calvin a jelly fish!" and gyrating in seizure-like fashion all through the water. I also wrote his name on the tub and he was able to point out C-A-L-V-I-B. He fell apart at the end, but could spell most of his name.

Seriously, could I possibly love this kid any more?

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Liberty said...

I was laughing sooooo hard about the nine fingers..I can just see him freaking out about only having nine fingers. LOVE IT!!!! and the "Stop, don't touch the baby" was so funny. Such a silly boy!