Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I know people think we're retarded (I know because I have a husband and two brothers-in-law who said so several times today) because we like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as if it were a major holiday. Also because we celebrate it preschool style (no beer, just lots of stuff colored green and decorated with leprechauns). We all love it though, and they were silly enough to marry us, so they're stuck.

My brother was supposed to fly in from Virginia tonight so we had planned a party around his being here, but when he didn't end up coming because he's been sick, we had the party without him.

First the little kids had a treasure hunt with Auntie Carrie (I took a video but it is too big to post). At the end they found a tree with gold medallion necklaces hanging from the branches and bags of chocolate gold underneath.

Then we ate dinner...

Corned beef and cabbage, green mashed potatoes (Andy said these looked like the goop on Better off Dead and were taking things too far), and green beans.

Pistachio pudding. My favorite.

The obligatory green jello.

And then we hung out for a bit. Here are some of the shots I liked:

The kids watching Barbie.

Curtis and McKenna.

My little lucky charm.

Riah and Carrie were holding babies and sitting on the stairs. Fias felt left out and joined them.

Two of my three loveys.

The girls.

Curtis and Calvin in their John Deere green.

Little imps, Maria, Aby, and Aysha, in their sassy green socks.


MaryRuth said...

Where's Andy's Green?

MaryRuth said...

I want tights like Aysha and Aby's! I'd totally wear them!

Lindsay RC Wilson said...

I don't think it is weird at all. I celebrate a lot of minor holidays because it makes things more interesting. I expect there will be more added as Leoni gets older.

Two things for when your kiddos get a little older. First, See's candy makes potato candy, which is divinity covered in cocoa powder with little walnut pieces for the eyes of the potatoes (I have a similar recipe to make your own potato candy). Second, a friend of mine has her kids make leprechaun traps a few days before St. Patrick's Day. They come up with all kinds of things with bags or shoeboxes. She leaves gold chocolate coins in them for the kids to find...but no leprechaun has been caught yet, those sneaky buggers. Love your ideas.