Tuesday, March 2, 2010

RE: Vegas

As I previously mentioned about our trip to Vegas, Andy gave a presentation that was a big deal for his career. It was in front of a panel who judged his technical, analytical, and presentation abilities as well as his ability to think on the fly. In order to get to that stage of the process, he had to pass several tests and a virtual lab simulation. He finally heard back last week and we were thrilled to find out that he had passed. There are 39 engineers in the entire world with this certification, of which he is number 33. I am very proud of him for this accomplishment and in general for his tenacity in always working towards something bigger and better.

He needed a picture for the bio they will post of him, so I told him to use this one since he looks super hot. I married him for his face, but it's nice that he has some brains too.

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The Boone Family said...

It's so sad that you only married Andy for his face. Andy, I think you need to take a stand.