Thursday, March 25, 2010


Calvin's newest thing is to scream for his other parent whenever he wants out of something. For example, when I'm changing his diaper he'll yell "daddy, help me! Daddy, help!" or when Andy's doing something he doesn't like he'll yell for me.

The other day we were in Costco and he didn't want to leave so Andy picked him up. In the middle of a packed Costco he started kicking Andy and screaming "No don't! Mommy help! Mommy help me!" He looked like a small child being kidnapped. Luckily no one ever tries to help anymore, so they just glared at Andy as he hauled a kicking, screaming, crying little boy out the door.

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The Boone Family said...

You have to love those moments when people glare at you like you are a child abuser.