Thursday, February 2, 2012

Blizzards and Belly Shirts

In February the kids and I got locked out of the house. Andy's car was in the shop and he got called out of town, so the plan was for me to drop him off at the airport. We had just left home when we realized that the roads were horribly icy, and we agreed that I shouldn't be driving an hour there and an hour back in a blizzard, on bad roads, and with noisy, restless kids. So we called my mom to see if she'd keep the kids while I drove him to the airport. She said that she didn't want me driving in the storm either, so she suggested that Andy drop us off at her house, he'd take my Pilot, and then I could borrow her car until he came home. It was a great plan.

The only problem was that my keys and garage door opener went with Andy to the airport. Neither of us thought about it until he was halfway there, but by then it was too late for him to come back. I tried breaking in, I tried calling a locksmith, but nobody would come out as far as we live at that time of night, and I called some of our neighbors who were friends of the previous owners in hopes that they'd have a key. Nothing worked.

The worst part of it for me was, in a freak occurrence earlier that day, I had sat down in the office of the teacher I was interning for. She shares the office with her husband who is also a professor. There had been a stack of file folders on the chair, so I grabbed it and put it on my lap while we were talking, and then I absentmindedly shuffled them in with my own file folders and left campus. When I realized I had taken them, I called their office and they were his lesson plans for the following morning at 8am. They were locked inside my house.

I had to call them at home several times that night. It was late. I was embarrassed. They were so nice about it, but I'm sure they still think I'm an idiot.

Anyway, late that night I admitted defeat. Andy would be home the next night, otherwise I probably would have broken a window. Instead, I did what any self respecting 30-something would do: I went home to my mommy. I cancelled my classes for the next day and wallowed in self-pity for an evening. The kids loved it. This was what we found for Calvin to wear:

He loved how soft and pretty it was, but it wasn't quite the right fit, so we changed to this:

And yeah, he rocked that belly shirt!

We all slept together in the same room and enjoyed our mini-vacation until our daddy/honey came home to rescue us. 2/27/11

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Smith Clan said...

These little stressful moments are always so terrible in the middle of them but so funny afterwards. I'm glad you guys got to have a crazy camp out at your moms. And good thing Andy was only gone for 24 hrs.