Thursday, February 9, 2012

June 2011

All of the things we adore about summer time.

Blowing Dandelions:

Long walks:

Calvin loves to walk in the irrigation ditches. On one of our outings he pointed out a spider, so we all came to look. It was the biggest black widow I've ever seen. Like the size of a quarter. Maybe they're bigger on farms than they are in houses, but it kind of freaked me out that Calvin had his face right up to it.
On all of our walks we play this game. Calvin and Autumn are strapped into the buggy with the plastic zipping them inside (as if it would protect them if something went wrong). I stand at the top of the hill, and Andy stands down at the bottom. I run as fast as I can pushing the stroller and then let it go, and he lets it glide until it slows down and he catches it, and then he pushes it back to me. The kids squeal and scream and love every second of it. We only had one near disaster when it veered off toward the ditch way too soon. Andy ran as fast as he could and grabbed it, the stroller dragging him as it slowed down. He was torn up from the gravel, but the kids were fine. They thought it was hilarious. We may need to come up with a new game.

The kids working out to Jillian with me:

Calvin wasn't jumping into the pit like he was supposed to, but I think his tower is pretty brilliant.

At the end of each session, the kids get a stamp (usually a froggy) on each hand and each foot. It's their favorite part.

Lazy Mornings:

Happy boy:
Spunky girl:
Anytime we walk into the garage, Autumn heads straight for the lawn mower. She thinks she's so clever because she has started to drive it with her feet. Mostly she just loves when daddy takes her for a ride on it.

The mall's cool play area:

Tea-time with Simba and Nala:

Black Grandpa has new baby chicks:

I love this picture. He looks like a gleeful little elf.

June was a very, very good month.

The End.


The Boone Family said...

When did you start reading Stephen King? I'm feeling a mild sense of disappointment. :)

MaryRuth said...

you... the queen of the black widows is freaked out that your kid is close to one. Do you not remember you had a pet black widow that you kept in a mason jar with holes in the lid that were way too big?!