Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just Another Day in Ballard

(June 5, 2012)
One of the only not great things about living in Seattle for a month is that Andy still travels for work, so the kids and I have to find creative ways to fill our time. We go for walks. We play in the yard. There's a park close by. Or we go to the library. We have the main floor of the rental house, but there are tenants upstairs and it makes me nervous that the kids are so noisy. But mostly it's nice and we enjoy the extra time we get to spend together without distractions.

Here are pictures of our cute rental. It really feels like home. We love it, and the kids call it "our yellow house."

The yard and outbuilding:

 The Living Room:

At night the couches pull out, and this is where the kids sleep.

 The Dining Room. We've cluttered it up with our computers and papers and use it only as an office:

Our Bedroom:

We've packed this bookshelf with things from home. It is one of my favorite features and makes me wish we had a tall bookshelf in our kitchen at home.


Nook we used instead of the dining room:

The view of our street and the pretty flowers just outside the door:

Calvin and Autumn love to sit in the big chairs on the front porch, watching the rain fall or people passing as they walk their dogs. Also, can you tell that the streets are super crowded? I hate parking here. Luckily Andy's a master at squeezing our SUV into tiny little spaces.

Playtime indoors:

 Every Tuesday night at the library they have a kids' reading night that's a lot of fun.

The kids all wear their pajamas and lay on their blankets and pillows and listen to stories. Tonight's theme was bugs.

 And then we make crafts:

 They were extremely proud of their caterpillars:

After the class was over, we spent the next hour until the library closed, walking caterpillars over every bookshelf and surface within reach.

These are the good times. When dad is away, we know how to play.

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