Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Snoqualmie Falls and Twin Falls

(June 3, 2012)

Today Andy decided that we needed to get out and explore the area surrounding Seattle, so we ended up at Snoqualmie Falls. It was about a 45-minute drive on a drizzly grey day, but the scenery was amazing. We walked a few feet to an overlook and we saw this:

The kids loved that the spray from the waterfall drenched them if they stood in just the right place.

Then we had lunch in a pretty little picnic area:

 And used the coldest toilets I've ever used in my life:
  Metal toilets in one of the chilliest places in the U.S. Who was the genius behind that?

The kids loved the bridge from the parking lot to the falls. It crossed over the busy street underneath, and they ran back and forth across it half a dozen times, listening to their feet clopping and giggling as they ran.

Autumn blocking our path so we couldn't leave the bridge:

We pet lots of random dogs, played in the rain, ran around, and had a great time:
It was so much fun that when Andy told us we were going somewhere just like it, we were completely on board.

We traveled another half hour to Twin Falls where we expected a nice little picnic area and falls overlook like at Snoqualmie, but what we got was a hiking trail. It was three miles round trip to the falls, which was somewhat challenging for the kids in some places, but they were troopers. By the end of the day we were carrying them, but along the way it was so much fun.

Before we started on the trail, we threw stones into the river:

My favorite thing about the day was that Calvin kept calling it a Big Adventure. He ran the entire first mile, exploring, climbing, laughing, racing, and thoroughly enjoying the amazing surroundings. He looked so cute in his little backpack and reminded me of a bouncing little wood nymph as I tried to keep up with him.

 We climbed big rocks:

 And hid in trees:

 And frolicked:

And took water breaks:

 And finally made it to the falls:

On the way back down the mountain we found a drop off that led to the river. We climbed about six feet down this:

And came to the perfect spot to enjoy the river. We ate fruit snacks, splashed, and threw rocks. It was heaven.

It was seriously incredible. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We finished up the hike and the kids were glad to be done, but Calvin said he was really proud of himself for hiking all that way. We were proud of both of them.

Some scenery pictures that I love:

 And on the way home we passed this:
 Seattle LDS Temple

 It was a very fun day.


Smith Clan said...

I love hiking in pretty. Makes me want to go to Seattle even more!

MaryRuth said...

Oh Seattle how I love thee. We should plan a road trip next Summer!