Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Belated Valentine's Day

Andy spent Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City for work, and I spent the evening in class, so we had a very belated V-Day. Andy sent beautiful flowers and gave me a new copy of The Notebook, which Carrie and I watched in my big bed late at night so Calvin could go to sleep. When Andy finally got home we went out to dinner and went to see Definitely, Maybe. Only the best of men will agree to watching chic flicks and paying $20 to do so. I usually am great at holidays, but I failed him miserably this time. It seems like there's way too much going on right now, but I'll make it up to him next year. He's a wonderful husband and I look forward to many more Valentine's Days to come. I love you Andrew!

Carrie makes these DIVINE truffles, so I asked her to help me make some for a few people that I work with. I really did intend for it to be a group effort, but Carrie's a sweetheart and ended up doing it all herself while I took care of the boy. The little squiggles didn't turn out how I imagined in my head, but they still tasted amazing.