Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Three Months Old Today

It's amazing how quickly the time passes. Calvin already has a large rubbermaid full of clothes that he doesn't fit anymore, he's up to 17lbs, and he laughs more every day. I could never have imagined loving a little one so much. He is loveable, adorable, and absolutely edible. Happy 3 months little guy!
He has the cutest smile - and he loves sharing it. He is always flirting, cooing, smiling and waiting to be noticed.
At his baby shower we received this little blow up pond. It has real water under the plastic so when you touch it, the bugs inside move around. He continues to be fascinated.

Playing with Daddy at the frog pond.

Chilling in his own mini-sized arm chair. He thinks he's tough stuff when he watches tv with us while lounging on his cushion.