Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good Toys/Bad Toys

Good Toy: We got this little Exersaucer from the baby shower and he has spent hours in it. He loves the different toys attached and works so intently to grab each one in his chubby little fists. He also loves that he can sit and stand all on his own.
Bad Toy: I wanted something that he could play with while he lays on the ground. This one holds his attention for about two seconds. There aren't a lot of hangy down toys that he can grab hold of, and though I want my boy to be a cultured little genius as much as the next mom, the blinking lights and high-tempo Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart are a bit too much for him at this point.
Good Toy: He ADORES this little lamb. Our company sent it to the hospital with flowers when he was born and it's the softest lamb you've ever seen. He loves it because the fur is just long enough for him to grab with his pudgy fingers and stick it in his mouth.
Good Toy: We call this the Magic Blanket. A woman from church made it for him, and the inside is made of the fuzziest yellow fabric. Carrie can wrap him in it and have him asleep in eight seconds flat.