Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Weekend of Work

This weekend David and Bek came up so that David could finish setting up our sprinkler system and seed our lawn. I should have taken some before shots, but I'll find one from when we first moved in to the house and post it later. These pics are from Saturday night. It looks like a completely different back yard. I dug up and replanted tulip, daffodil, and iris bulbs and raked leaves while David and Andy did the manly stuff like hauling 2.1 tons of rocks to the dump, hauling a dump truck full of topsoil to the back yard, planting three large holly tress, transplanting an apple tree, bringing in 2 tons of mulch, leveling the lawn and planting seed. Things are starting to look amazing and I can't wait until this summer when we have a lawn and a REAL yard instead of the disaster that we moved into. I'll post more as it progresses.