Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Southern Hospitality

Bek's family are some of the most warm and inviting people I have ever met. They are intelligent, hilarious, hardworking, and tons of fun. They are in no way what I would consider rednecks in a negative aspect, but some of the activities that they engage in may be a bit suspect. I think it makes it that much more fun because they are so smart and decent. I appreciate them letting us all crash at their house last week. For some reason, their farm is one of my favorite places on earth. I feel at home there even though I have no right to feel such a connection. Thank you all for a wonderful time! In 2 short days we:
  • rode four wheelers
  • attended an auction
  • caught a snapping turtle
  • chased an escaped pig
  • ate Amish Friendship Bread
  • ate a big southern breakfast the way only Connie Jean can make it
  • took a hike
  • watched a cow give birth
  • saw david's new house
  • went rat shooting
  • got lost in West Virginia (bad Jen!)
  • played with cute little calves
  • saw two sad dead calves
  • attended a fireside
  • met the "double headed dragon"
and the list could go on. Here are a few pictures that I liked. Jen still owes me some pictures of the rat shooting - those deserve their own post anyway, so I'll put them up when I have them.

Down by the lake listening to the bull frogs.

Calvin and Daddy going for a hike. Calvin has no shoes on because he loved playing in the grass with his bare feet.

My Dad playing with the snapping turtle. They caught it for some guy in town who likes to eat them. It made me nervous that my dad was telling us how their jaws were strong enough to snap your finger in half, yet he seemed completely unconcerned that he had the crazy thing by the tail.

Carrie looks like she's offering the boys a ride - we won't discuss what kind...

This was before the boys got sick. David was a great tour guide and led us through the mountains on the four wheelers showing us a good time as well as all of the sites.

Family time enjoying the hot summer rain.

Calvin and Cousin David.

Andy showing Calvin the sweet baby calf.

Bek is the only person who can be pregnant, in work boots, cooking on the grill and still look adorable. I would kill for her skin and lashes.

Jen and Carrie's engagement photo shoot.