Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Mischief

This week we have enjoyed the following incidents:

It was very important that Calvin take a nap as we had a date scheduled to meet his new cousin Miriam. An hour into him sitting in his crib talking and playing, I went in and gave him a bottle (which was a sacrifice since he's currently being weaned) just to coerce him into sleep. 15 minutes later I peeked in to see him "driving" his bottle along the sides of the crib, making truck noises. 45 minutes later, I peeked in to see this:
He never did go to sleep. As soon as I put him into his car seat, however, I glanced back to see this:

Later that day, I came into the kitchen to see what he had done to my work laptop:

Figured out how to climb on top of his school bus:


This one speaks for itself:

Christmas presents came in the mail today. I removed the goods and left the box to deal with later. When I walked into the room later, the boy had taken it over and was creating his own snow storm by throwing the packing peanuts into the air.

Calvin's impossible to keep up with, but at least life is never dull. I wouldn't change him for anything.