Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Boy

He does this thing where he repeats words over and over in his normal voice, and then in a high falsetto, and then in a low demonic voice. This is him saying "snow boots" and repeating it in all three octaves, over and over again.

He says lots of funny things like "let me think" (wet me fink), if we do something wrong or that he doesn't like he says "oops! try again!", and yesterday he dropped some food in his lap and yelled "oh, come on!" in the exact same intonation his father uses when he says the same thing. He also picked up "holy crap" for a couple of days.

When he was sick and all he wanted to do was lie in our bed, we watched Fox and the Hound about 15 times. Somehow it has escaped his attention that that's the most depressing cartoon ever. He has started quoting the movie almost line for line. It's disturbing when you hear your two year old say in a low gravelly voice, "if he comes back, I'm gonna get him. And this time I won't miss!"

Three times this week I have gone in to find him having taken off his wet diaper. When I freak out, he always says "diaper change." I guess he is no longer going to put up with the wet diapers. It looks like it's almost time to start potty training.

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Yesterday he was freaking out at nap time (which he does a lot lately), screaming and throwing a fit. I went in to try to calm him down and he was pointing to the toddler bed saying he wanted that bed. We've had it in there for a few months, hoping he'd be ready to transition on his own so we don't have to kick him out for the girl to use the crib. It's never really worked out so far, but since he wanted to sleep in it, I figured why not?

I laid him down in the toddler bed, covered him up, gave him his stuffed cat, and then laid down on the floor beside him so he wouldn't get up. He was quiet for about five minutes, but then I heard rustling in the bed. I kept my eyes closed so he would know it was time for sleeping, but next thing I knew, he leap-frogged clear over me and ran to the door. He paused briefly at the door, blew me a kiss and said "bye mommy!" and then slammed it shut as he ran down the hall away from his room. It all happened so quickly that I didn't catch up to him until he was sitting at the kitchen table, calmly eating a cracker.

He constantly has us alternating between laughter and thinking he's the greatest thing ever, to wanting to pull our hair out in frustration.

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Smith Clan said...

We moved Caleb into his big boy bed during the middle of the night. He never noticed at all until the next day. And we removed the crib (took it down and put it away for a while). It worked. But here, it just sounds mean.
Good luck! Isn't naptime the best part of the day. When it works!