Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas day started out much like it did last year - with Calvin crying. I don't know what kind of kid cries when they see piles of presents, but if it happens again next year, we're canceling Christmas.

Andy with his morning cup of Joe. How cute is it that he wore his Santa hat all day long? And last night delivering treats to neighbors. I could love a man like that for a very long time.

The kids first thing after waking up.

Andy unwrapped a train for the boy and all of a sudden he was happy. He then went downstairs to play with it, leaving everything else untouched.

The whole morning was a series of Calvin opening one present and then running off to play with it for quite some time before coming back for the next one. When he would go off to play, we would all go do our own thing, and then when he was back in the living room someone would yell and we'd all run back in to watch him open the next thing. In retrospect it was kind of fun that he enjoyed everything individually without just rushing through things.

Calvin cuddling the fuzzy kitty from his stocking.

Random Poses:

My sister Alicia gave us this cute gingerbread house kit for Christmas. The boys loved putting it together. Well, Calvin loved it. Andy swore a lot, but it ended up cute.

Little reindeer.

The finished product.

Licking his fingers. The end to a very good day.

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Renee' said...

Sounds like Chrismas when my oldest, Travis, was a little man. He just didn't care for the day too much. All he cared about was that his schedule was interrupted. I had such visions of our first Christmas as a family of three. Nothing happened like I thought it would. You learn quick that those things never go as planned.