Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Conversation

(adorable outfit compliments of my good friend Monica in Virginia)

At church this week...

Bishop: How are Emma and the baby doing?
Andy: Good, except that she's getting fat and grumpy.
Bishop: (with a gasp and a shocked look on his face) you didn't tell HER that did you?
Andy: I'm talking about the baby, not my wife
Bishop: (with an audible sigh of relief) Oh thank goodness!


MaryRuth said...

HAHA!!!! Oh my... poor bishop! too funny!!

Liberty said...

That is hilarious! LOL!

Renee' said...

That's hysterical. I bet the bishop was worried about his health & well-being if he had said that to you, not knowing who he was talking about. What beautiful outfits you have for your pretty little lady. If I could be guaranteed a girl I'd do it one more time. I adore my boys but I'm already outnumbered around here as it is, you know?