Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paint Huffer

Pretty much everyone has seen this picture floating around the web of a mugshot taken right after this man was getting high sniffing spray paint.

What is sad is when this picture is the first thing your husband thinks of when he sees his baby daughter:
At her two month appointment the doctor said that Autumn had a bad case of thrush. She seemed appalled that I hadn't noticed the white fuzz growing on my baby's cheeks and tongue. I just thought it was milk residue. She had us start a regimen of gentian violet which stains everything, including cute little baby cheeks. For three days she looked like a sad little mime, but we're happy to report that the evil purple stuff did the trick.


Liberty said...

I had to do that once with Tanner, it's yuck....but it sure works. Cute purple baby them.

MaryRuth said...

We had thrush but never did purple huff. I feel like we missed out??