Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day we decided to actually celebrate since we didn't do anything last year. On Saturday night we ended up going to Thanksgiving Point's annual V-day dinner dance. It was in the Show Barn where everything was covered in flowers and balloons, complete with a fancy dinner, candy bar, a live band, and dancing.

We decided that if we do it again it would be more fun with some friends instead of having dinner with 3 other couples we didn't know. We were with an age 50+ crowd at our table. Two of the men talked the entire time, completely ignoring their wives. I tried to chit chat with one of the wives, but ultimately ditched her since I was there to spend time with Andy. After dinner we went to the dance floor to bust a move. The first half hour or so was pretty fun - the highlight being a Michael Jackson impersonator doing a fun and funky version of Billie Jean. He was hilarious as he danced his way through about every woman in the crowd.
After that the band continued to play a bunch of Earth , Wind, and Fire type songs that were too fast to dance slow and too slow to dance fast. We used up all of our good moves, and then decided we were done. Overall it was pretty fun but I think we'll try something different next year. As you can see in the photo above, Andy gave me roses and a beautiful pearl necklace. I'm not really a pearl kind of gal, but it's very pretty and classy without being the least bit Barbara Bush-ish. I gave him a couples massage appointment for next week and Brian Regan tickets. We had a wonderful day and I felt so lucky to spend it with my best friend and the love of my life.

For the PA grandparents we tried to make a fun card with hand prints. Calvin loved it and ended up painting about 10 pieces of paper. Autumn didn't want to cooperate, so her hearts ended up being prints of the sides of her fists balled up, but I still think it's cute. Hopefully our crafts will get better as the kids get older.

For the local family and my BFF Robyn we made cupcakes. Calvin loved the ladybugs and ate the tops off of 3 of them before discovering that the pink ones actually tasted better and ate several of those. At least he enjoyed the process.


Smith Clan said...

Hey, those cards look vaguely familiar. Love them. Especially the fist hearts.

MaryRuth said...

K... I didn't get anything for valentine's day so consider yourself lucky.

The handprint valentine's are the cutest things I've ever seen.

And look at you go all Martha... how do you seriously find the time to make that stuff. Sooooo cute!