Monday, February 10, 2014

All in a Day

Nicky is learning to pull himself up on things. We see his little face peeking out of all kinds of random places:

For Christmas, Andy gave me headphones so that we can watch tv after the kids are in bed without waking them. Autumn's favorite thing to do when Calvin is at school and Nicky is down for a nap, is to watch a show by herself. She generally requests popcorn and rootbeer, which we occasionally indulge. She thinks she's in heaven.

I also love that she is so good at playing on her own. She'll go outside for hours on end and is perfectly content to be in her own little world.

Calvin keeps drawing creepy pictures of Slender Man:

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Smith Clan said...

I like how you fit all three of your children's distinct personalities in one post. Love it! Please come visit us soon because I miss ALL of you.