Friday, February 7, 2014

Kindy 500 and A Battle Wound

Today all of the kindergarteners at Calvin's school did a Kindy 500. They each made a car out of a cardboard box, showed their car in a parade around the halls, and then visited different classrooms to learn about U.S. landmarks.

He told me the design he wanted, and then I stayed up until 3am trying to implement it. It wasn't perfect, but he was excited. BUT THEN we got to school, and holy crap some of these parents are hardcore! There were massive planes, a firetruck with real flashing lights, and a shiny red Mario Kart. I wish I had known how awesome others' cars would be, and I would have stepped it up a lot. Anyway, his car was cute and he had fun.

His driver's license:
Autumn holding Nicky in the hall at school, waiting for the parade to start.

These are terrible pictures. They're screenshots from the video I took.

Calvin in the parade line-up:

 Stepping out of rank to high-five Autumn and Nicky. Love the big smile:

Crushing everyone in his path to get back to his exact spot in the line that left him behind while he was high-fiving:

Someday we're supposed to get pictures that the teachers took of them. If we do, I'll post those as well. He said "it was fun but kinda boring 'cause we didn't really race, we just learned stuff."

Right after school he had a birthday party for a kid from our neighborhood. They held the party at the church, so there were a million kids running around the gym area when I dropped him off.

When I went to pick him up, he was over on the side-line with the birthday boy's mom holding towels to his face. Calvin says someone ran into him while they were playing tag. It was hard to stop it, and it was an impressive amount of blood.

Driving home:

Before taking a bath:


He's fine and happy again. It was an eventful day for Calvin!

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Robyn said...

I love Kindy 500...I think it is such a creative learning activity. But how much do parents hate the pressure of making a cool car?