Saturday, February 8, 2014

Autumn, The Perfect Party Guest

Autumn was invited to a party today by a girl from her preschool. She was very excited.

The party was at a gymnastics hall that's closed on Saturdays, so the birthday group had the place to themselves. There was a room set up with balloons and a cake, but most of the time was spent in a free-for-all on the gymnastic equipment. The mom said I could stay with her or leave. Autumn didn't seem to care, so I sat in the car and worked on my laptop. About half-way through the party, I went in to check on her.

I saw her having a fantastic time.

The birthday girl's mom ran up to me and said that Autumn had just fallen from the trampoline on her head. They kept checking on her, and she seemed fine, but they wanted me to know that she had hit really hard.

#1 Perfect Party Guest Tip:
Always take the attention away from the birthday kid by sustaining an injury that keeps the focus on you instead of them. (Calvin did this one yesterday!)

#2 Perfect Party Guest Tip:
Sit as close to the cake as you can possibly get. While the birthday girl's mom is cutting the cake, crowd in under her armpit, and SNEEZE all over that cake. Have snot all over your face so that they stop the cake cutting to clean you up, before proceeding to slice the now disgusting, germ infested cake.

 #3 Perfect Party Guest Tip:
Grab the biggest piece of cake you see (which is super easy because you're right there, in the personal bubble of the person cutting the cake), take two bites, and then drop it on the ground, food down, so that ice cream and cake are on the floor. Watch while the (not very bright) girl next to you tromps through your food, smearing it in a 3foot diameter around the table.
They said she was super sweet and they loved having her, but let's be honest, she was THAT kid for the party. I hope they invite her back though because she had so much fun. She was completely oblivious to all of the ways she made an impression at that party.


Robyn said...

Never a dull moment!

Smith Clan said...

Who knew snot bears led to SNOT CAKE?! I love Autumn. She's invited to my party any time. Who needs a boring party!!