Tuesday, May 6, 2008

6 Month Check-up

Today was Calvin's sixth month check-up. The doctor said he's doing wonderfully. He's very healthy and well proportioned. He did really well until the shots and then he lost it. The nurse this time wasn't as good as the last one. Usually they keep all of the shots in the same general area, but this lady was all over the place. He had a rough evening and cried a lot whenever we accidentally bumped his legs. His stats are as follows:

- Height 27.25 inches - 90th percentile
- Weight 20 lbs 14oz - 95th percentile
- Head - 18 inches - 90th percentile

We love our little munchkin and hope that tomorrow is a better day for him.

In better news, tonight I turned in my final project for this semester, and I only have 3 days left of work. Life is about to get so much better!