Thursday, May 22, 2008

Country Living

The best thing about my parent's house is that it is right outside of the "city", so you have the convenience of everything you need within a few miles, but it's in a secluded neighborhood that feels like you have some space. It has been fun to spend a lot of time with Calvin outdoors, and today was no exception. Today we had what most of us city folk have rarely heard about, let alone experienced - a watering turn. I'm not sure how your turn is determined, or by whom, all I know is that lots of watering comes pouring out of irrigation pipes and floods the pastures. Today was our turn, and the little girls were running through the house screaming shrilly that they wanted to go play in it. It was a bit too chilly outside to go wading, but it was exciting to watch. The best part of today for me though was wrapping Calvin in a fleece and rocking him on the front porch as we watched the birds fly by, and having him fall to sleep contentedly in my arms. I could get used to this kind of quiet.

Mom and Dad's house from the front.

My dad in his waders as the water is just beginning to pour into the pasture.

This was at about 7pm MST.

Just as the water finished flooding things at about 9pm.