Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane

When my dad and brother came to visit VA, they brought the rest of the stuff that I'd left at my parent's house. My parents have moved twice since I left home, so all of my stuff has just stayed in piles and moved with them. They've been kind enough to store it for me, but I think I've now been officially kicked out (good for them).

We brought home half of it in the company van, but the other half wouldn't fit. It's kind of an embarrassing assortment of crap, so I made a list of everything in the FIRST load. A lot of it was wedding stuff that we didn't bring because we couldn't fit or didn't want it, a nice chest that my brother-in-law made but would never fit on a flight, and a lot of safari elements because all of my life I have had an obsession with Africa, and my room up until I was 20-something was always decorated accordingly. I wish that I had been able to sort it before they brought it all 2,000 miles, but I was amused by the randomness of it all.

4 buckets of wheat
1 wooden chest
1 hope chest
1 bridal tiara
2 sets of drinking glasses
1 set of wind chimes
1 salad dressing mixer
1 computer keyboard
12 empty milk containers made into preschool bowling pins with monster faces
2 lamps
3 ceramic canisters
1 honey bee cookie jar
1 flower cookie jar (2 dozen stale lemon cookies)
1 electric can opener
2 cast iron jack o’ lanterns
3 pottery barn ghost candle holders
1 globe lamp
1 ornate wooden frame
5 black 5x7 wooden frames
2 black 8x10 wooden frames
1 tile mosaic picture frame
1 red potato peeler
1 Best Friends scented candle
2 leather elephants
1 large metal elephant
1 elephant plant stand
1 green ceramic elephant vase
3 Pier 1 ceramic elephants with gold accents
1 black wire kitchen wall clock
1 wooden easel
1 terra cotta salsa dish
1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips (completely white, waxy, and smooshed)
2 Betty Crocker brownie mixes
2 disposable cake pans
10 strands Crate and Barrel outdoor patio lights
1 glass sea ball
2 strands pumpkin lights
2 Sealy pillows – still wrapped
1 set red curtains
1 box dried wedding flowers
2 metal lanterns
1 stuffed duck
1 stuffed mouse
3 stuffed lions
2 stuffed tigers
3 stuffed monkeys
1 stuffed elephant that makes noises when you squeeze it
1 plastic wall giraffe
1 metal Halloween tree
6 silver reindeer candle holders
1 College diploma frame with BYU inscription
1 wooden monkey mirror from Israel
2 small Love Sacs with corduroy covers
1 silver wall frame collage
1 ring bearer pillow with pink bow
1 “HOME” board sign
1 pack white bath towels
1 cut glass crystal bud vase
20 empty Chinese take out containers (no food was ever in them, they were just decorations for a Chinese New Year party)