Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Most Anticipated Baby Shower

My sister has been trying to have a baby for the last ten years. A full decade of fertility treatments and adoption processes as she did everything possible to make that dream come true. Today I had the distinct honor of throwing the most anticipated baby shower of the decade as she finally awaits the arrival of her little boy in October. She is a beautiful pregnant woman, and those of us who love her and have known of her struggles couldn't be more thrilled. We had a great turn out and a whole lot of fun. Thank you to all of those who attended, and congratulations to Ruthie on your long awaited little miracle. Here are a few shots from the shower...

My parents have the perfect party house. We set up the games and shower in the living room, the food in the kitchen, and tables out in the yard so everyone could enjoy the beautiful weather.

A shot of the refreshment table.

MR specifically requested that our nieces come. They dressed up as princesses and were a fun addition to the little party.

Lots of fun presents (the dark blue balloon bouquet was from her Mother-in-law)

A tool belt full of baby supplies. Just what every multi-tasking mother needs.

Ruthie received a lot of adorable outfits and other gifts

My cute mommy and little niece Aby.