Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blue Baby

People always ask me how Calvin feels about our soon to be new baby. I tell them that although I try to explain it to him, he has no concept of what a baby is. Here's how I know:

I'm 80% finished with all of my Christmas shopping. Calvin was born in early November, and it was still so hard to finish up shopping that year. I wanted to cry every time I went out. This year, the kid is due late November, so I have no desire to even attempt last minute gift planning/making/buying. My in-laws are finished. My family is mostly finished. Andy and Calvin are finished.

Yesterday I brought home a game that I intended to give to one of my sibling's families. Andy thought it looked really fun, and he begged me like a four year old all night long to just open it and get them another one a different day. Finally I caved, and I'm glad I did, because it was a lot of fun and Calvin LOVED it. As we were pulling out game pieces, we were asking Calvin what each of them were. When we pulled up the alien from the picture above, he yelled "Baby!" (the first time he's ever said that word) and then said, "blue!". The small alien has been "Blue Baby" ever since. And he hasn't let him out of his sight. This picture is of nap time. When I put him to bed, he gently laid Blue Baby on the pillow beside him and went to sleep.

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