Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Twenty-Two Months old

Dear Calvin,

Your biggest change by far this month is your language skills. It's like over night, you just decided you felt like starting to talk. You have started repeating everything you hear. Here are some of the words you've started saying on a regular basis:
  • One, two, three, four, five, red, blue, lellow, green (which you say Guh-reen like that robot on Short Circuit. It's the cutest thing I've ever heard), cookie, cupcake, cheese, potty, airplane correctly, hippo, daddy, puppy, and many others I can't remember at the moment. You'll even say "blue car!" when you want to go in Daddy's car instead of Mommy's.
At the park across the street, you love this flag pole. You bend down and trace the words. You also point out each individual character of the 2002 and say, "two-oval-oval-two!"

You are very independent and love to play with toys and puzzles on your own, but several times a day, you'll pull me or your dad into your playroom just so you have an audience. You'll point things out to us and explain them in your gibberish.

You have recently rediscovered the Mayflower Little People set that I bought you last year and you didn't care a lick about. You lay the people on the hammock and make snoring noises while they sleep, you put your animals on the outlook deck and have them oink, moo, or baaa at the people below on the deck, and my favorite, you like to take the white male pilgrim holding the apple and the middle-eastern man in his robes holding a bottle of frankincense and make loud kissing noises while pushing their faces together.

You love to draw and color. I can put you in your chair and you'll use your crayons contentedly for 30+ minutes at a time - the longest amount of time you ever hold still. This is a light drawing board that your grandparents gave you for Christmas. You love that you get to draw and make it glow, all at the same time.

You have a thing with cows. Besides dogs, they seem to be your favorite animal. I walked in one day and you were playing with this stable, but only the cows were allowed in. The poor horses, pigs, and sheep were left out in the cold.

At grandpa's house, it makes me so nervous, but you'll crawl under the fence and walk straight up to the cows with no fear or hesitation. I think they don't run from you because you're so small and they're curious, but as soon as I freak out and come after you, they run off and you're disappointed. You have the cutest moo in the whole world. You've also started saying other animal sounds like neigh, baaa, N-eow for a cat, bok bok for chickens, and the funniest little monkey sound. You love animals - in books, on tv, and in person.

You love to jump, no matter where you are. You'll jump off stairs, bleachers, on beds, couches, pillows, or just on the hard ground. You'll squat your legs, jump with both feet a couple of inches off the grounds, and then land squarely again on your feet. The only time it's annoying is when you're throwing a tantrum and you jump up and let yourself fall on your butt while squawking at me. You are a fast runner, a good thrower, and overall very coordinated for someone your age. You don't eat very much and you don't sleep as much as I think you should. I have no idea where you get all of your energy.

Calvin, you have the most darling little personality. You are quick to smile and laugh, you love experiencing anything and everything, and you get smarter every day. I would give anything in the world to wrap you up the way you are and just keep you forever. I'm already panicking at the thought of you becoming a teenager and thinking I'm old and crazy. I love that I am your favorite person, and your world is centered around me and your dad. I love that you snuggle up to me often with huge hugs and kisses, or just to lay on my lap when you need a break. I treasure every second with you, and feel like the luckiest mom alive to have you as my son. Please never forget how to be happy and excited, and always remember how much you are adored.

We love you so much!



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