Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Point

We wanted to do something fun with the boy before his daddy leaves the country, so we spent the morning at a really cool place called Thanksgiving Point. It has gorgeous gardens, shops, a farmers market, movie theater, dinosaur museum, and petting zoo.

At a little cafe we enjoyed a cheese steak sandwich, Tuscon chicken salad, and mini corn dogs. Unfortunately, Calvin had already caught a glimpse of the fun, so it was impossible to keep him sitting still.

Fun animal statues.

Andy chasing a giggling boy around the bears.

Hugging the bears.

Running through the garden mazes.

Visiting the baby chicks.

Mr. Cow and the little boy who wouldn't get out of our picture.

This was a fun scale. When all three of us stood on it, it said we weighed as much as a small pony. Please don't think about that in too much detail.

A wagon ride just the right speed for a little guy. The horses were massive.

Feeding corn to the llama.

The pony ride. Calvin giggled and chattered the whole time. He loved the ride until about 5 minutes in, and then he was just done. He flung himself from the horse, trusting that I would catch him.

Chickens. He kept trying to get inside the fence. We're going to need to tell his grandpa that he isn't allowed in with the chickens at his house anymore since it makes him feel entitled to socialize with all chickens.

Petting the alpaca.

The alpaca chewing on his hair.

When Calvin saw this statue he yelled, "sheep!" and then proceeded to pick flies off of his face and try to climb on his back.

A daddy assisted sheep ride.


Father and son doing some hard time in the territory jail.


Walking back to the car with a butterscotch flavored lolly.

The ride home.


Smith Clan said...

Only ONE picture of you & your long hair. At least your 2 boys are easy on the eyes. I mean that in a nice, friendly sort of way. I'm not taking your "lover" away from you. Should I edit this? Thanksgiving Point looks like the quintessential fall activity right about now. Glad you took so many pics of the fun.

Emma said...

Dear Hannah:
1- the only reason that one picture made it in was because the horse was blocking most of me and we didn't get any shots without me, or he would have fallen off the horse. Not so pretty these days.
2- Are you coveting my husband?:-) I loved your comment and that you're still stuck on me calling him my "lover". My mother takes exception to that term as well.
3- Never edit. That's why I love you!
4- It WAS a perfect fall activity. Come visit me and I'll take you!

Smith Clan said...

I'm so in LOVE with the fall now that we've moved up in these northern parts where a fall actually exists. Did you think I was going to say that I LOVE your husband? I got one of my own, thank you very much. But, your two boys are so cute together & seem like they have a lot of fun.
Plus, I love how I got 4 responses back.
1. You rock!
2. A lot!
3. I would love to come out to Utah someday to visit.
4. Maybe in 100 years.
5. I can't wait for you to come & visit me:)

PS I feel like I'm in 7th grade.