Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yesterday Calvin counted to ten. He missed the 7, but he said every other number perfectly. I, of course, think he's brilliant. He has since counted EVERYTHING - his steps up and down stairs, sidewalks, etc., number of goldfish he's eating, number of flowers in the garden, cars driving beside us... and anything else he has come in contact with. He is very proud of himself.

On Sunday, the boy wasn't doing very well in church, so he came to class with me. I was sitting on the back row and when we had exhausted my supply of books and toys, he got up and started to wander. I let him loose a bit because he wasn't going far, but before I knew it he was at the front of the class. With the teacher still speaking behind him, he stood at the front and went down the row pointing at each woman, saying loudly "one, two, one, two," assigning each one a number as he pointed at them. Everyone laughed.

He loves to count.

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