Monday, May 23, 2011

Hot Tubbing

Autumn is a quirky kid. One of these days I will devote a post to all of the little nuances that make her such an interesting child and so much fun to have around. Today though, I will focus on her love of toilets. I think most kids are fixated on them at some point. Calvin loved to splash in them, and there were of course many little toilet disasters that I'm trying to forget. But Autumn takes it to a new level. I will not tell you what she has eaten out of the toilet (I vomit a little just thinking about it), and I will not bore or repulse you with all of the details of her fixation. Let's just say, if ever it's too quiet in the house and she's not in my direct line of sight, the bathroom is the first place I look.

The other day I looked all over the house and couldn't find her anywhere. I checked the bathrooms first, but all of them had closed doors so I moved on. Finally when I couldn't find her anywhere, I went to the basement again and saw a light under the bathroom door. When I opened it, sure enough, there she was inside the toilet bowl leaning back with her arms on the seat like she was kicking back in a hot tub. Ingenious.

She had a huge grin on her face when I found her. She switched to the disgruntled look after I left her to run for the camera.


MaryRuth said...

Good thing she's so cute!

Smith Clan said...

I think I just snorted up something important. Ah ha ha ha hahaaa!