Friday, May 6, 2011

San Diego Day 4

I'm so over Sea World. But the boy loves it, so we keep going back. Today we at least got to see some of the animals.

First we went back to the shark encounter:
(Andy looks like he's doing I'm a Little Tea Pot)

The penguin encounter:
The water was back on at Elmo land (it has been under construction for the rest of the week), so Calvin was thrilled to play in it. While he ran through the water, Autumn and I went on the Elmo rides. She did a quiet little "wooooo" the the whole time, but I think she missed his rambunctiousness.

We told Calvin that after today we weren't coming back. It worked out well because it cleared out around lunch time and we had the rides mostly to ourselves. We had a good time, but we were glad to say goodbye.

After leftover pizza and naps, we went for a drive to see the San Diego temple. Calvin was convinced it was a fairytale castle. It was beautiful and the gardens were gorgeous - the flowers smelled amazing.

The best part was rolling down the hills. I'm not sure if it was entirely appropriate, but the hill had just the right slope to it, and the grass was green and lush.

And since we spend hours every day in the pool, I thought I'd include a couple of pictures of the kids standing by the door, ready and eager to go.

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