Thursday, May 5, 2011

San Diego Day 3

Today was basically the same as the last two days. We got up early, went to the breakfast buffet, went to the pool for an hour, grabbed a few supplies at Target, got Baja Fresh take-out and had a picnic at the fun park. The kids played for an hour or so, and then we went back to the hotel for a nap.

After naps, we went back to SeaWorld where we went to the Elmo show. It was a 4D show of Sesame Street. The screen was a 3D show with glasses, and then there were bubbles, rain, sprays of water, moving seats, etc. to make us feel like we were really there. We thought they would love it, but Calvin was mad that he got wet. You can't win with these kids.

We went and saw the shark encounter, which was really cool, but I forgot to take my camera inside. Then we went on the spinning elevator again. Then back to Elmo land for the rest of the day. We stayed until SeaWorld closed at 6pm, and then we came back to the hotel. We got a pizza from Oggi's, ate in our room, and then went down to the pool again until after dark. We got ice cream at Cold Stone where we met a chihuahua wearing a Lakers jersey, which Calvin thought was hilarious, and a white shaggy dog named Emma. We watched Tangled and then went to bed. A simple day.

One thing that's been great about this trip is that the kids are in such close proximity to each other that they're forced to interact constantly. And they've been really cute with each other. Calvin thinks he's hilarious, and Autumn thinks he's hilarious, so it's a good match. Also, she'll attack him and mess up his hair or hit him on the forehead, and he thinks it's so funny. It's been fun to watch.

Here's them in the back of the van sharing popcorn:
And later clapping a beat together:
And then we all piled on the big bed, ate popcorn, and watched a movie.
(for the record, this is where Calvin and Andy sleep. I sleep with Autumn in the living room where we've pulled the lumpy awful mattress off of the hide-a-bed couch onto the floor so she can't roll off. I've got her in thick, footed pj's with lots of blankets, but I only have one thin ratty looking blanket that we pulled out of the hotel closet. I didn't use it the first night because it was so suspect, but hypothermia drove me into submission. Needless to say, Andy and Calvin seem to wake up more rested than Autumn and I do.)

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Smith Clan said...

I think the "ratty blanket" parable is very true to all mothers the world over. But, it made me laugh my head off. I've been there done that. Looks like you guys had a blast!
Remember when you thought Calvin would never like Autumn. Look at them both now. They look adorable in the car together.