Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eleven Months Old Today

Dear Calvin,

All I can say is, Ugh! It's all going too fast! This week I've watched you wander around independently in your little sneakers and jeans, standing up more and more without support, crawling everywhere you want to go, and exploring everything around you. For almost a year you have been so dependent on me for every little thing, and now I feel that slipping quickly away. You often don't want my help. You often would rather not be held. Everyone told me that the first year would go by so quickly, but I didn't understand. How could I have known that it would put such an ache in my heart to watch each day as you change from a baby into a curious and independent little boy? You no longer depend on me as you once did, and I know that will only become more and more real as you continue to learn and grow and experience life for yourself. Some things that you should remember about this past month:
  • We weighed you today, and you weigh 25 lbs. I swear it feels like so much more than that.
  • You now have four big white teeth. You still don't chew very well with them. You let food sit in your mouth until it is soggy and disgusting and then usually you'll just open your mouth, tilt your head forward, and let it fall onto the floor or table.
  • You can't figure out how to chew, but you are a pro at biting people. You bite your dad and me all the time - knees, toes, faces, ears, heads... You find it very entertaining. When I get mad at you, you cry and act like I'm the mean one.
  • A few days ago, I gave you a Styrofoam bowl full of Cheerios. You immediately dumped out the Cheerios and chewed on the bowl. We often compare you to Stitch, a Gremlin, or baby Jack Jack.
  • You used to do cute splashes in the tub. Now you do tidal waves. You haul your arms up as high over your head as they'll go, and then you bring them down, hitting the water with all of the force you can muster. Me, your dad, and anything within 10 ft of the tub is soaked every night, while you laugh hysterically at the mayhem.
  • You took one small step on your own! You will often stand on your own but then just sit down when you're finished. This week you stood there, then took a small step forward, and then sat down. We're making progress!
  • You have become a great sleeper.
  • When you are excited, you will shake your head back and forth, grinning. The more excited you are, the faster the tempo of the swinging head becomes.
  • You are now officially only eating grown up food and cows milk.
  • You love to read books.
  • You have a million toys, but little rubber duckies are still your favorites.
  • You make us laugh every day.
You're such a delight, Calvin. You are becoming strong willed and determined. You are eager to go and not be held back, learning everything that you can. But at the end of it all, when you've worn yourself out, the first place you'll come is to my lap where you'll snuggle against my chest and give me a big kiss on the cheek. I guess maybe you do need me for just a little bit longer. We love you, Monkey. We can hardly believe that it's already 11 months ago today you came to live in our home.