Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Young Republicans

Our adorable niece Ariana went with some friends today to see Sarah Palin in Scranton, PA. Sarah actually talked to Ariana and even signed the back of her cell phone. It sounds like she had a really great time. Earlier this year Ariana was quoting her dad and said that "if Paris Hilton wins this election, we're moving to Australia." She meant Hillary Clinton, but it's an easy mistake to make. They're both blond, self-centered, and tiresome.

I think it's really great that she's interested in politics at such a young age. She's a smart girl. It's been fun to watch her over the last few years as she has been in plays and done well in school and sports. Now she is in the fencing club and is trying out for the dance team. She's the kind of girl that makes me feel like our future is in good hands.