Thursday, October 30, 2008

An Opportunistic Climber

Today I was working in the office on a deadline I've had, so I had set Calvin up with toys in the entry where he was within my line of vision from the desk. Even though I could hear him talking to himself the entire time, every minute or so, I'd peek out to make sure he was still playing. At one point, I heard him laughing so I leaned over to take a look. He wasn't there.

I got up from the desk, walked through the living room, kitchen, and family room, but he was nowhere to be seen. I started to panic a bit, but I could still hear him laughing. I retraced all of my steps, and finally followed his voice to the last place I expected to see him - playing at the banister at the very top of the stairs. He had climbed both levels of the staircase completely on his own - and he couldn't have been more proud of himself. I am very proud of him as well. Unfortunately, along with that pride, I have a whole new set of worries.