Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Auntie Outing

Today Auntie Riah called and asked if she could take Calvin out for a while. She picked him up right after his nap and then took him to the toy store and out to a lunch of mini-corndogs and french fries. When I went to her house to pick him up, he was bouncing off the walls. Literally. He was jabbering non-stop and jumping on the couch and then running around the room, and back to bouncing on the couch. I hung out there for about 20 minutes and neither his mouth nor his body stopped moving during that time. Mariah also bought him way too many toys.

After their day together.

A picture was nearly impossible to take because he kept throwing the balls off the couch and watching them bounce.

All night long he played with the balls, and then he'd run up every 10 minutes or so and hug the bear, and then run off again. He loved banging on the piano as well. He's a spoiled little thing, but he sure did seem to have a great time. Thanks again Mariah and Curtis!