Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Boy's Playroom

The boy is currently enjoying being an only child. He has his bedroom, his playroom, and the run of the entire basement. He is spoiled and he loves it. So today I finally finished up his playroom, and here is the beginning of the home tour that will be spread across the next several weeks. I didn't get great pictures, but you get the idea.

These two shots are the whole room from different angles. The curtains are my favorite part of the room.

For Calvin's baby shower, I received these alphabet cards from my co-workers. I love them. They're called Animal Parade and each one has an animal dancing or playing an instrument. Calvin loves to look around at them and especially enjoys growling at the bear. I wanted them a bit random, so I opted for the clothes line look. I got some brown twine and mini-clothes pins, and I like how it turned out.

This was my first thrift store redesign from my stash I bought the other day. I took the old accordion hanger, sanded off the pegs, and painted them bright colors to match the furniture in the room.

Where Calvin feeds his current Veggietales obsession. (And Andy secretly obsesses as well - he can be heard singing Veggietale songs and repeating "If it hasn't got a tail it's not a monkey" constantly). They are both adorable.

This was a five minute make-over, but someday I plan to give it a fancier one. I bought this chalk/cork board in college and then gave it to my mom when I couldn't use it anymore. She used it for a while, and then had nowhere to put it in her new house, so she gave it back. I glued on the letters and little wooden figures, and stuck it on the wall.

Calvin enjoying the room.