Friday, January 23, 2009

A Day in the Life

Today Andy went to have his car safety and emissions inspection, so Calvin and I followed in the car behind him. While they were working on his car, we went over to the McDonald's because it had a ginormous playland. (There was a creepy man sitting alone watching the kids play, and he would actually start shaking when a little kid got near him. I don't think every lonely man who watches kids has issues, but this one made me very nervous.) We ate our fatty food, and then Andy took Calvin into the fenced in basketball court and held him up while he dropped the ball into the hoop. I wish I had taken my camera - I have never seen him look so proud of himself. He would drop one in, we would clap, and then he would beam with satisfaction before scampering down to pick up another ball and start the process over again.

We then went to the bank to open up a local checking account. As we sat at the desk of a nice lady named Cheris, Calvin took out all of the cards from my wallet and threw them on the floor, pulled all of the paperwork he could reach on her desk and threw it on the floor, and then squirmed until I let him loose. He would then run up to the different desks of people at work with other customers trying to get their attention. Finally he met a little boy with a fireman jacket who played with him briefly, but then Cheris gave him some Smarties which only seemed to make him more hyper. We were glad when we finally got him out of there.

At night we had a church activity called a potato derby. We had a potato bar and then everyone brought their own potato to carve into a car and add wheels and race it down the track. It was a very fun idea, but Calvin kept running up on the stage and standing on the edge, hovering like he was going to jump on the table full of cakes that the scouts were auctioning off. He would run to the car tracks and either try to hang from the line of flags, pulling it down, or jump on top of the tracks. He ran around and took pacifiers away from two different babies. And he would run as fast as he could straight into the path of bigger kids who were racing, almost getting himself killed on several occasions. Since we couldn't manage to juggle eating a potato, carving a potato, chit chatting with neighbors, and chasing The Boy, we finally headed out early.

He has so much energy. I realize that I am very blessed since I have a husband who is often home and who spends a lot of time with the boy. I don't know how normal stay at home moms cope with toddlers. He seriously never stops. He's so much fun at home, but whenever we go out in public it is all I can do to keep him contained and from destroying everything around him.