Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random December

Some photos from December that I liked but didn't post:

When the PODs guy came, he insisted on waiting around until we opened them up so that he could see inside. He said that they were some of the heaviest he'd carried, that he could feel his truck swaying under their weight, and he wanted to see first-hand how we were able to fit so much inside. When we opened them up, he was incredibly impressed. He said that they were packed by a master. I couldn't agree more.

We were so lucky that my brother David drove 5 hours from southern VA to help us load everything. He was meticulous at packing and wrapping. Not only did he make our entire house fit into these two containers, he did it so carefully that everything arrived in perfect condition. The only casualty of the 2,000 mile move was my black iron African woman that lost her arms in a freak fall. Andy hates her and has had it out for her since we met, so I still don't believe that was an accident.

Thank you, David! We couldn't have done it without you!

I like this one because any time we let Calvin outside, he just runs as fast as he can. In this one, we were standing by the PODs and by the time we turned around, he was just the little dot in the distance.
Anytime we open the garage door, Calvin makes a bee-line for the lawn mower. He turns the steering wheel, fiddles with the key, and just in general thinks he's pretty hot stuff.

A rare subdued moment where he's just pausing to reflect.

A cute one of bath time. He loves the foam bath animals that Santa brought him.

This was taken with the new flash that Andy gave me for Christmas. I love the soft lighting, and I love the impish little look on Calvin's face.

This one is a favorite for obvious reasons.

It's been a great year, and we're looking forward to a wonderful 2009.