Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bathtime Interrupted

I haven't been able to find one of Calvin's favorite Baby Einstein DVD's for a while, and tonight it finally occurred to me to look in the DVD player from our trip out here (Duh, I should have looked there first). So I was excited that I had found it, and put it in for Calvin for a few minutes before bed time. I made the mistake of not turning it off before putting him in the bathtub. When the song came on that goes with the crayon clown coming to life, he popped up in the tub, grabbed onto my legs to pull himself out, and ran down the hall trailing water (and prancing gingerly as not to slip on the wood floors) to go stand in front of the tv and watch the song. As soon as it was over, he went straight back to his bath to finish things off.

Also, yesterday he took a bottle of my perfumed lotion (I never use it because it's way too strong) and smashed it on the floor and then rolled in it. He smelled like a brothel all day long.