Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cats and Leaves

Calvin has latched onto this cat I've had since I was kid. His name is Figaro. I'm glad he likes him so much, but he even insists on taking him to church and the cat is old and filthy. I've been trying to pry him away long enough to wash him, but so far haven't succeeded.

Always wearing the rain boots.

Last night Calvin and I went outside to play in the yard, and it was the first time he discovered the magical world of leaves. He ran around in piles, laughing at the crackling sound they made as they crunched under his feet. He would then scoop up handfuls and throw them all over the place, ducking underneath them so they would fall on his head. Tonight when his daddy was finally home from a long trip, we all went outside to play and the boy was in heaven. There's nothing better than fall.

It started to rain while we were jumping on the trampoline, so Andy threw him over his shoulder and ran into the house. Calvin thought it was hilarious.

Beautiful view from our back yard. See the snow hitting the tips of the mountains?

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